Your Washroom & Your Brand – What Consumers Say

Washroom and Hygiene

99% of people said that an unhygienic washroom reflects badly on a company's brand

Washroom users were asked their opinions on how the quality of the washroom affected their overall opinion of that organisation’s brand? The results clearly show that the washroom experience has a real influence on consumers’ perceptions of that brand. A staggering 99% of people said that an unhygienic washroom reflected badly on that company’s brand. Of those, 58% said that it was ‘very important’ to their perception of the brand. Such a striking correlation between washroom hygiene and consumer perception of the brand could put washrooms ahead of social media as a brand influencer for many companies! It certainly means that washrooms are not simply functional spaces that have to be provided. For the smart consumer savvy companies it provides an opportunity to positively enhance and develop brand loyalty with well thought out hygienic experiences. It is not simply the perception of hygiene standards that are important to consumers, it is the way washrooms look. A remarkable finding of the survey was that 80% of consumers thought that washrooms looked better when all the hygiene products were from the same range. Having coordinated, good-looking hygiene products that complement the company brand is important for these 80%.

71% of people said that they prefer 'hands in' dryers

Cannon Hygiene leading the market

Cannon Hygiene understands the importance of washrooms to consumers, how washroom design can support a brand and how to offer solutions to customers that ensure both hygienic and beautiful washrooms. As part of Cannon’s on-going development of products and services for its clients it launched a brand new range of matching dispensers in April 2016, called ‘Imagine’. The Imagine Range gives washrooms a visual step-up. With en vogue faceted faces on the dispensers and white, black, silver and even custom colour options, the new range is designed with demanding modern consumer tastes in mind.

91% of people said it is important that a feminine hygiene unit kills most of the germs contained within it

Influencing consumer perceptions

The comprehensive new range includes options for fragrance units, as scent was another important factor for consumers in their perceptions. 99% of those surveyed said that the smell of a washroom was either ‘very important’ or ‘important’ in deciding the overall cleanliness of a washroom. This raises the important point of perceptions. The smell of a washroom is vital in the perception of its cleanliness. Therefore, making sure your washroom smells nice as well as actually appearing clean is vital in supporting positive perceptions about your brand from consumers’ washroom experiences.

99% of people said that the smell of a washroom is important when deciding on its overall cleanliness

Washrooms & Brand Impact

The survey results make it clear that in the eyes of demanding consumers, washrooms cannot be ignored as a part of the brand experience. Just as there is a focus on customer touch points like digital, telephone and other physical elements of a business, the functional non-sales spaces are just as important. Whilst the survey showed that the impact on brand was across all industries, consumers did indicate that washroom experience was more important in some than others. The medical sector including doctors, dentists & hospitals saw 94% of people rate the washroom experience as ‘very important’, with care homes coming a close second with 93% saying it was very important. One may expect these sectors where infection control is paramount to have the high emphasis on washroom cleanliness in the minds of consumers, however, almost as high in terms of the importance of washroom cleanliness were restaurants and pubs, at 91%. This sector is highly competitive and small differences can tip the balance. It would seem therefore, that smart restaurant & pub owners can use high standards in their washrooms to gain competitive advantage. This is especially important in large chains where a bad experience in one location could negatively impact the whole business.

83% of people said having to touch the washroom handle as they leave is a hygiene issue

Making Washrooms a Positive factor

So, the evidence is clear - your washroom look and feel directly affects your brand. But what should you do to make your washrooms a positive factor for your business? Does it feel clean and tidy? Choosing hands-in style hand driers over hands-under driers eliminates water drips on the floors. Automated hands under soap dispensers keeps sink areas cleaner. Does it smell hygienic? Automated fragrance devices will control the scent of a washroom. There are also products available to control bad odours from urinals and the latest feminine hygiene units contain active odour neutralisers. However, above all does your washroom look great? A modern, coordinated washroom will set your brand apart in a positive way for the consumer and ensure your business is protected. The Cannon Hygiene team can help you transform your washrooms to a positive place that supports, not degrades your brand.

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