How clean is your desk? The importance of desk & computer wipes in the office.

Washroom and Hygiene

If you work in an office, the chances are you’ll spend the vast majority of that time in one place – sat behind your desk. In fact, if you analyse it (although it may scare you to do so), you’ll probably find that you spend more time in that location than any other during a typical week, including your bed! What’s more, the modern desk is far more than just a work station, they are often used for impromptu meetings with co-workers and have also become makeshift dining tables for people to eat as they work.

With so much activity centred around the desk, it’s no surprise that they, along with the equipment used on them, can easily attract germs and bacteria. However, whilst this may not be surprising, the actual stats involved are a little startling! Renowned American Microbiologist Dr Charles P. Gerba conducted a study into bacteria in the workplace and found that the average desk was 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! Amongst his other findings, the most notable stats were:

  • On average, a computer keyboard has 3,295 bacteria per surface.
  • Phones are by far the worst offender with in excess of 25,000 bacteria. 

A mouse (of the computer variety!) was on average found to have 1,676 bacteria per surface.

Office Surface Cleaning

When presented with such stats, it’s easy to dismiss them as only relevant to “dirty” offices that have poor levels of hygiene and no regular cleaning routine. However, even if your office is cleaned daily by professional contract cleaners, it is unlikely that the level of cleaning is sufficient to remove all the bacteria identified by Dr Gerba. Whilst your keyboard, phone and mouse may look clean, the truth is that plenty of bacteria could still be lurking on the surfaces. Therefore, to maintain desks and office equipment that are truly clean, a more thorough surface cleaning regime is required. And there’s no simpler means of implementing this than by having anti-bacterial wipes readily available.

Clean, Hygienic Office Equipment

Anti-bacterial desk wipes have been proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria found on surfaces and are therefore an effective means of maintaining clean desks and hygienic office equipment. Having dispensers conveniently located around the office ensures that workers have a simple and effective means of keeping their desks, keyboards, mouse and telephones free from bacteria. This helps to prevent the spread of germs which, in turn, helps to reduce work place infections, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. 

Cannon Computer Wipes & Keyboard Wipes

Cannon’s desk and equipment wipes are all fully bio-degradable and the dispensers themselves are also hygienic – their clever design requires no contact as each wipe presents itself for the next user. What’s more, the dispensers can be either wall-mounted or positioned on desks ensuring they have maximum visibility and encouraging regular usage.

Contact Cannon to order your bactericidal wipes and dispensers today, and take your first steps to a truly hygienic office.