Water & Energy Saving

Our range of washroom efficiency services is designed to help you save both resources and money.

Using water intelligently can help save up to 90% of usage. Our Actiflow Water Management System uses a urinal cartridge in-conjunction with a cistern control, this reduces water usage whilst actively breaking down natural compounds which cause blockages and malodours in the pipework. Our combined system maintains a hygienic, and efficient washroom.

Not forgetting the toilets, our Actiflush button allows you to convert a traditional flush cistern into a fully variable system helping you to save water and save money with every flush.

Our range of energy efficient hand dryers ensures that we have just the right hand dryer for you, helping you to reduce energy consumption whether it is against older type dryers or paper towels.  

Through our whole range of energy and water saving services you can achieve real cost savings from the moment they are installed.

You can use one of our calculators to estimate your potential cost savings when using one of our water and energy saving units. 

If you are interested in understanding more about our water and energy saving solutions or you would like to discuss your washroom requirements, please contact one of our team members who would be delighted to speak with you.