Urinal Trough Screen

Perfectly designed for most urinal trough systems

It’s important to give users of your facilities the right impression about your business, so make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to provide a pleasant washroom experience. The urinal trough screen is designed to keep urinal troughs clean and smelling fresh for up to 30 days.

Full Details

Screen for urinal troughs

The screen releases optimised friendly bacteria that cleans the urinal and eliminates malodours. As its fragrance and beneficial bacteria are released, the trough screen shrinks in size giving a clear indication of when a replacement screen is required. The revolutionary design also reduces splash back for users while optimising the release of fresh fragrance.

The trough screen also traps debris such as chewing gum, which can help to avoid costly repair bills caused by waste finding its way into the drainage system and causing blockages. Innovative design ensures that whilst debris is trapped, full view of the drain is maintained to ensure optimal flow.

This urinal trough is safe for use in waterless urinals and helps to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs by up to 50%. 

There are 6 trough screens per case.

If you would like to find out more about the Cannon Hygiene Trough Screen, then please contact a member of our team by calling 0330 058 0854 or email telesales@cannonhygiene.com 

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