Imagine Seasons Fragrance

Effective odour neutralising system

The Imagine Seasons Fragrance unit provides a highly effective odour neutralising system that employs sophisticated fragrance technology. The unit will fill your space with our specially selected fragrances, creating a fresh smelling environment.

Full Details

Washroom Fragrance Unit

Made to the highest standards, with reliable operation, the Cannon Hygiene Seasons Fragrance unit ensures that all users of the washroom notice the pleasant odour delivered by a fragrance that changes to suit the seasons. This programmable dispenser uses 'Microtrans', a sophisticated fragrance technology that suspends the aroma in the air, meaning it last much longer. Different fragrances are loaded for spring, summer, autumn and winter to ensure that people keep noticing the fragrance every time they visit your washroom.

The compact aerosol refills have three times the concentrated power of standard aerosols and use 63% less VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means more fragrance is delivered with each spray using fewer propellants.

If you would like to eradicate malodours in your washrooms, then speak to our team to learn more about the Imagine Seasons Fragrance.

Technical Specifications

  • Contains ‘Microtrans’ technology to eliminate odours.
  • Advanced concentrated CFC free air neutralising formula.
  • A new fragrance is provided each season this helps to prevent ‘Olfactory Tiredness’ when regular washroom users get used to the fragrance and stop noticing it. Refreshing the fragrance regularly ensures the scent remains noticeable
  • Automatic fragrance dispensers help to create a pleasant environment and ensure a good washroom experience
  • Businesses that invest in providing high quality and well maintained washrooms are rewarded with improved employee morale and higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Each dispenser is professionally installed and programmed to provide regular bursts of fragrance around the clock, seven days a week for the entire service period
  • Delivers fragrance up to 170M3

Service Schedule

Installed by our Team of Engineers

We are experts in hygiene. We invest in the science and technology necessary to bring you solutions that work every time and that stand independent testing to the highest hygiene standards. Our team of engineers will ensure your product meets the specific needs and supports the well-being of your staff, customers and other stakeholders. 

Monthly service frequency

We understand it is you the customer who decides if we live up to & exceed your expectations, we pride ourselves in providing relevant, best value solutions for you and your organisation. This is why we operate on a monthly service basis, giving you more services over your contract period than a like for like service provider. 


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