Imagine Auto Cleaner

Promoting a hygienic washroom environment.

The Auto Cleaner hygiene system delivers a continuous touch-free hygiene maintenance program for urinal bowls with every flush. Automatically dispensing a biological solution with every flush, it attacks hard water and mineral deposits preventing unsightly scale and stains forming.

Full Details

The formulation is designed specifically for urinals. The solution continues to work between flushes for a continuous hygiene programme. One of the most common problems in male washroom is bad odours - let the Auto Cleaner from Cannon Hygiene keep your washroom smelling clean and fresh. 

Technical Specifications

  • Unique probiotic formula
  • Eradicates bacteria, eliminates odours and prevents unsightly scale and stains from forming in the bowl
  • Actively attacks hard water and mineral deposits
  • Rapidly kills bacteria in and around the urinal
  • Improves the cleaning effect of each flush and freshens the flush water by killing the odour causing bacteria
  • Remains in the urinal bowl and is active between flushes
  • Monthly service frequency

Service Schedule

Installed by our Team of Engineers 

We are experts in hygiene. We invest in the science and technology necessary to bring you solutions that work every time and that stand independent testing to the highest hygiene standards. Our team of engineers will ensure your product meets the specific needs and supports the well-being of your staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Monthly service frequency

We understand it is you the customer who decides if we live up to & exceed your expectations, we pride ourselves in providing relevant, best value solutions for you and your organisation. This is why we operate on a monthly service basis, giving you more services over your contract period than a like for like service provider.


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