Sanitary Bags Dispenser

Present a hygienic & caring image in your washroom
Providing sanitary disposal bags in your washrooms will demonstrate to users that you take feminine hygiene seriously and prioritise providing a caring washroom environment. The sanitary disposal bag is a discreet method to dispose of sanitary waste in our Feminine Hygiene Units (FHUs).


Full Details

Sanitary Disposal Bag Holder

Sanitary disposal bags promote a ‘bag it and bin it’ course of action to dispose of sanitary waste, dissuading users from flushing sanitary waste down the toilet which can cause blockages in the pipework. Removing these blockages can be expensive and time consuming, putting your washroom facilities out of action whilst the work is carried out.

Cannon Hygiene sanitary bags are fully tested in conjunction with ActivapTM, our unique and effective germicide that is used throughout our innovative sanitary disposal bin range. The bag holders are available in white or metallic and can conveniently hold up to 50 bags.

Learn more about fitting sanitary bag dispensers in your washrooms by contacting our hygiene services team.


Technical Specifications

  • Discreet - allows the end user a discreet method to dispose of sanitary waste before placing it into the Feminine Hygiene Unit
  • Kind to environment - promotes the ‘Bag It and Bin It, Don’t Flush It’ campaign to encourage users not to flush sanitary waste. This also reduces the chance of pipe work blockages from sanitary waste
  • Promotes a hygienic image within the washroom
  • Ultra compact - requires minimum space in the toilet cubicle

Service Schedule

Customer Own Fit 

All customer own fit products are simple to install, clear fitting instructions will be supplied on delivery. If you require any further information please get in touch. 

Sanitary Disposal Bags - Customer Own Fill

This product requires specific refills that can be purchased from us. Again, refill instructions will be provided upon delivery of the corresponding product. 


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