Auto Concept Feminine Hygiene Unit

Touch-free feminine hygiene

The Auto Concept Feminine Hygiene Unit has a unique modern design with a stainless steel modesty tray to conceal contents. The built in infra-red sensor allows for touch free operation to reduce the chance of cross contamination between users. All our Concept units contain Activap™ - our leading vapour action germicide to help kill harmful germs that could otherwise develop in the FHU.

Full Details

Touch Free Feminine Hygiene Unit

The touch free operation of the Auto Concept Feminine Hygiene Unit sets it apart from other FHUs on the market. The unique, modern design makes it suitable for any washroom décor and its compact style means it will easily fit into individual cubicles.

Cannon Hygiene were the first company to introduce a feminine hygiene waste disposal service back in 1955 and we have continued to lead the way in this area since then. When dealing with feminine hygiene waste it is no longer just a case of controlling bad odours. To present a caring washroom environment you must go beyond this to ensure that the risk of germs spreading is effectively minimised and FHUs do not compromise the limited space already available in washroom cubicles.

If you would like to find out more about our managed feminine hygiene service, then please talk to a member of our team.


Technical Specifications

  • Exclusive Activap™ germicide - unit contains a unique, environmentally friendly germicide certified against Hep B & HIV to render waste harmless
  • Discreet unit exchange service - fresh, clean unit provided every time
  • Unique modern design - suitable for individual cubicles
  • Touch-free operation - the infra-red sensor detects the hand to operate the lid automatically
  • Modesty tray - conceals the unit contents
  • Units are lockable for secure areas

Service Schedule

Installed by our Certified Hygiene Technicians

We are fully committed to developing and improving our customer experience. So, as we understand that our Hygiene Technicians are a huge part of your daily interaction with us we have introduced our CHT (Certified Hygiene Technician) programme. For more information click here.

Monthly Service Frequency

We understand it is you the customer who decides if we live up to & exceed your expectations, we pride ourselves in providing relevant, best value solutions for you and your organisation. This is why we operate on a monthly service basis, giving you more services over your contract period than a like for like service provider.


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Height (mm):
Width (mm)
Depth (mm):
17.5 (Litres)