Anti Fatigue Mats

Standing for long periods in the same place, often on a hard concrete floor can have negative effects, not only for the individual standing, but for the employer. Lower back pain, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, can all lead to a downturn in productivity.

Fortunately, if you employ people in these type of roles, Cannon Hygiene has the solution, which is an Anti-fatigue Mat. Made from premium durable rubber, the mat has unique cushion ergonomics to reduce fatigue thereby improving the experience for the person standing. All our mats come as part of our lift and lay floorcare solution so you can be sure they remain effective, safe and hygienic.

We also have uniquely designed anti fatigue mats specific to the food preparation industry.

In a process of anti fatigue matting at your localization we will consult with you every single detail of a project to choose the best mats for your needs! Check our anti fatigue mats, logo mats or industrial mats and commercial door mats.