Fire Retardant Bag Holder for Offensive Waste

Safe and protective holder for waste sacks

It is important to deal with offensive waste in an appropriate manner. Our fire retardant bag holder for offensive waste provides an effective method to store and protect offensive waste, non-infectious soft clinical waste for alternative treatment and infectious soft clinical waste for incineration. 

Full Details

Safe offensive waste removal service

Our offensive waste removal service provides discreet and effective disposal units. All units incorporate Activap™, the best and most effective germicide available. Activap™ kills all potentially harmful bacteria that can be present in a unit. Through its unique vapour action, it treats all waste in the unit no matter how full the unit becomes.

Cannon Hygiene is proud to only provide a unit exchange service. If units are not cleaned effectively, then they can become breeding grounds for potentially harmful bacteria. That is why we will provide a fresh and hygienically cleaned unit with each service. This reduces the potential for bacteria to spread, helping to support a hygienic environment.

If you would like to find out more about our fire retardant bag holder, then please contact our team.

Service Schedule

Customer Own Fit 

All customer own fit products are simple to install, clear fitting instructions will be supplied on delivery. If you require any further information please get in touch. 

Customer Own Fill

This product requires specific refills that can be purchased from us. Again, refill instructions will be provided upon delivery of the corresponding product. 


Dimensions (mm)
Height: 815 Width: 450 Depth: 365