Our Approach

Our aim is to deliver to you the most hygienic washroom service in the world.  This is achieved by caring for hygiene, putting you first and working together to drive business benefit.

Caring for Hygiene
For us hygiene goes further than just the washroom. It is about creating a healthy environment throughout your organisation to promote better staff welfare, productivity and to underpin your brand to all visitors. As experts in hygiene, infection prevention and control we understand how best to provide the right solution for you.

Putting you first
Putting you first starts with listening to your individual needs to provide relevant, best value solutions and ensure your corporate and social responsibilities to staff, customers and other stakeholders are met. This gives you a strong reason to choose us and a strong reason to stay with us.

Working Together
We are experts in hygiene. We invest in the science and technology necessary to bring you solutions that work every time and that stand independent testing to the highest hygiene standards. Working with you and using our insights and your knowledge, we drive business benefit, add value, support your brand and make your life easier.  We believe in partnerships and put this into daily practice. 

This is our unique and integrated approach to delivering outstanding hygiene solutions. When linked together this approach is extremely powerful in ensuring you, our customer, are at the centre of all we think, plan and do.