Medigold Health

Washroom Care

Medigold provide independent Occupational Health services across the UK. Through their team of over 85 employees, Medigold have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality health advice for modern businesses designed to reduce workplace absenteeism and increase productivity. They place great emphasis on retaining quality staff that work in a well balanced environment.

To support their meticulous approach they turned to Cannon Hygiene to provide Feminine Hygiene Units and Clinical Services.

Medigold understand the necessity of being totally compliant with the latest legislation and turned to Cannon Hygiene for the complete reassurance of service supported by expert legislative guidance.

Flexibility of service coupled with highly competitive pricing completed the picture. They are now confident in a robust service that supports their goals.

‘Through past experience with Cannon I knew they were efficient and reliable. With increasing costs and lack of flexibility from our previous supplier I knew it was time to change. Cannon were able to provide us with exactly the services we needed, at the right frequency and importantly at the right price. It was an easy decision to switch to Cannon.’ Joanne Cummings, BMS Manager.