High Class Washroom Hygiene for Harvey Nichols

Washroom Care

What services does Cannon Hygiene provide to Harvey Nichols?

Harvey Nichols is an international lifestyle luxury store which offers many of the world’s prestigious brands. At Harvey Nichols in Manchester, Cannon Hygiene is proud to be the supplier of choice for a range of washroom, floorcare and infant care products. 

What special requirements does Harvey Nichols have?

As well as demanding the highest quality products and services, a priority is the reduction of their carbon footprint and costs through energy saving. Cannon Hygiene has helped to meet these requirements by installing the Cannon Airjet hand dryer. The Airjet delivers cost savings of up to 90% over traditional warm air hand dryers due to its energy efficiency.

How does Cannon Hygiene help promote the Harvey Nichols brand?

The bespoke logo mats supplied by Cannon Hygiene are one of the first things experienced when walking into Harvey Nichols in Manchester. They are positioned throughout the store and not only control dirt and moisture levels but also serve to enhance the Harvey Nichols brand.

“We have an excellent relationship with our colleagues at Harvey Nichols,” says Field Sales Executive, Kathy Cully. “They trust that we will deliver what we promise and if any changes are required, they know we will respond quickly and efficiently.”

Like Harvey Nichols, Cannon Hygiene prides itself on offering best-in-class products and services and is committed to protecting the environment and helping clients reduce their carbon footprint.

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