Bodey Medical Centre

Clinical, Medical & Dental

The Bodey Medical Centre is a very reputable general practice based in Manchester, providing vital services to people based in and around the city. Their main priority is to provide the highest level of healthcare achievable in a timely manner whilst ensuring they minimise their environmental footprint and keep costs to a minimum.

The Bodey Medical Centre had a number of special requirements and they were interested in working with a supplier that could support their stated priorities.

Cannon Hygiene’s approach is designed to meet the specific needs of The Bodey Medical Centre and support the well-being of their staff, customers and other stakeholders. We also underpin their corporate and social responsibilities and support their brand.

We provide a professionally managed washroom, and clinical waste disposal service supported by a great product range and excellent customer service. Our experts are on hand to advise on specific waste legislation and ensure The Centre is compliant at all times.

Our approach to working with customers is why The Bodey Medical Centre chose Cannon Hygiene and why they choose to stay.