Feminine Hygiene

Stylish products, effective against bacteria with a full unit exchange service.

Cannon Hygiene were the first company to introduce a feminine hygiene disposal service back in 1955. Since then we have continued to lead the way with an exemplary and innovative service. It is no longer just a case of odour control, managing feminine hygiene demands much more, like minimising the spread of germs and designs that maximise space in cubicles.

Discreet and stylish cubicle units allow waste to be disposed of in a safe manner. We will only ever provide a unit exchange service as we believe this is the best and most hygienic service for you. Units are replaced on a regular basis and returned to our specialist local facilities to dispose of the waste, wash and sanitise the units. Our Certified Hygiene Technicians are trained to be efficient, discreet and hygienic when visiting your premises.

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